Partizan in Mostar. Thinking BiH

A project for the reactivation of a former public facilty in central Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The following is a proposal for the rehabilitation of a unique sportsground and its adjacent buildings in the city of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
A country that between 1992 – 1995 fell victim of a devastating war. This project is named after the sports society that owned it: Partizan in Mostar. Thinking BiH and intends to repurpose its ruins, to turn them once again into a public space for everybody and to represent sports, arts and culture in Mostar.
Today, tensions in politics within the city are the result of ethnic division, faulty physical reconstruction and lack of an effective trust-building process. Such conditions have negative repercussions on the cultural, educational and public life of Mostar and are also due to a lack of public space and facilities.
Within this complex and unique framework, local and international NGOs and individuals are working together to carry out this initiative in sports, recreation, arts and architecture by reactivating a neglected former sportsground.
Having obtained all clearance to proceed within the plot’s boundaries, we are developing a new plan for its reactivation, comprised of different gradual phases. For its strategic position and rich past, the site is bound to become once again a focal point within the city’s life.
We see this project as a process. Positive change needs time.

IDEAA Mostar

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