Slaven Aničić

Member of the IDEAA Assembly


My name is Slaven Aničić, I was born and I live and work in Mostar. I finished primary and secondary school here and my goal was to enroll in the Faculty of Civil Engineering so that I could continue my education in my city. I did so, however, the war that befell our region prevented me from continuing my studies.

In 1995 I went to Italy where I completed my studies of graphic design in the city of Ivrea. After that, in 1998, I returned to Mostar, where I still use the knowledge I gained in Italy.
What is happening to us at the moment, population migrations, climate change, etc. makes us think about changing the way we live and think so far. The first thing that catches your eye is that people are mostly indifferent to everything that is happening around us and I think they are pretty uninformed or maybe they are but from the wrong sources.

I decided to join the IDEAA simply for the reason of contributing to raising awareness among ordinary people that we are capable of doing something about these changes. I think that we are able to provide people with the right information that a lot lies in their hands and that together we are the bearers of positive changes in society.

Raising awareness about preserving the common good in our city and our surroundings is what IDEAA presents with each of its projects and what won me over at first so the decision to join this great team was not at all difficult.
That and spending really good time while working with my team on our projects.